Elective Course List By Modules




Urban and Social Policies

Urban Conservation

SBP 3102 New Approaches in Urban Planning

SBP 3152 Morphology Of Historical Squares

SBP 3104 Housing Policies

SBP 3154 Evaluation Of Urban Space in Anatolia

SBP 3106 The Problems Of Central Business District

SBP 3156 Current Conservation Approaches, Contents And Concepts

SBP 3108 Transportation Policies

SBP 4151 Analysis Of Traditional Urban Pattern

SBP 3110 Basic Approaches in Urban Planning

SBP 4152 Urban Archeology

SBP 3112 Housing Economics

SBP 4153 Thematıc Approaches in Urban Conservation

SBP 3114 Transport Planning Practices

SBP 4154 Natural And Cultural Heritage Management

SBP 4101 Urban Infrastructure Policies And Practices

SBP 4155 Modern Architectural Heritage

SBP 4102 Identitiy, Culture And Space

SBP 4156 Urban Conservation Experiences in Turkey

SBP 4103 Urban Physical And Social Infrastructure

SBP 4157 Analytical Analysis in Anatolian Cities

SBP 4104 Urban Policies Seminar

SBP 4158 Conservation Economy

CRP 4105 City Within The Process Of Globalization

SBP 4159 Real Estate Valuation in Conservation Areas

SBP 4106 The Problems Of Squatter Areas

SBP 4160 Ancient Cities

SBP 4107 Urban Regeneration

SBP 4161 Cities In Ottoman Empire

CRP 4108 Quality Of Life And The City

SBP 4162 Sacred Spaces, Sacred Cities

SBP 4109 Current Issues in Urban Management

SBP 4163 Natural And Cultural Heritage Rock Carved Spaces And Settlements

SBP 4110 Applications Of City Information Systems

SBP 4165 Visitor Management

CRP 4111 Geography Of Urban Transportation

SBP 4166 Cultural Heritage Area Port Cities

SBP 4112 Urban Data Analysis And Spatial Modelling

SBP 4167 Approaches To Conservation Of Natural And Cultural Heritage Sıtes At Risk

SBP 4113 New Cities

SBP 4168 Planning Approaches And Case Studies In Urban Protection

SBP 4114 Smart Cities

SBP 4169 Industrial Heritage

SBP 4115 Ethics in Urban Planning


SBP 4116 Advanced Spatial Analyses in Urban Planning


SBP 4117 Social Policies in Urban Planning


SBP 4118 Social Segregation


SBP 4119 Agriculture And Urban Planning


SBP 4120 Migration And Squatter


SBP 4121 City And Crime


SBP 4122 Poverty


SBP 4123 International Economy



SBP 4124  Current Economic Problems


SBP 4125 Planning Economics




Sustainability, Environment and Planning

Regional Planning and Local Economic Development

SBP 3202 Introduction to Sustainability

SBP 3252 Industry and The City

SBP 3204 Urban Ecology

SBP 3254 Regional Economic Development And Turkish Economics

SBP 3206 Transportation Policies

SBP 3256 Discussions On World Cities

SBP 3208 Environmental Problems And Migration

SBP 3258 Application Of Statistical Techniques in City And Regional Planning

SBP 4201 Reading on Environment

SBP 4251 Changes in Production Systems And Spaces

CRP 4202 Urban Water Planning

SBP 4252 Tourism Planning

SBP 4203 Environmental Impact Assessment in Planning

SBP 4253 International Organizations And Planning Strategies

SBP 4204

SBP 4254 Turkish Social Structure

SBP 4205 Ecological Planning

SBP 4255 Coastal Planning, Legıslation And Management

SBP 4206 Environmental Policies

SBP 4256 Metropolitan Planning And Management

SBP 4207 Urban Climate

SBP 4257 Rural Area Planning

SBP 4208 Resilient Cities

SBP 4258 Dynamics Of Industrial Development And Planning

SBP 4209 Ecosystem Services and Sustainable Development

SBP 4259 Dynamics Of Local And Regional Development

SBP 4210 Sustainability, Environment, Energy And Planning

SBP 4260 Techniques Of Regional Analysis

SBP 4211 Environment And Ethıc in Planning

CRP 4261 Urban And Regional Project Development

SBP 4212 Sustainable Waste Management

CRP 4262 Economic Geography

SBP 4213 Sustainable Green Infrastructure Planning

SBP 4263 Project Management And Evaluation Techniques


SBP 4264 Tourism And Local Economic Development


SBP 4265 Tourısm Policy


SBP 4266 Industrıal Geographical Analysis Methods


SBP 4267 Operation Research For City Planners




CRP 3302 Environmental Psychology

SBP 3304 Human Environment System

SBP 3306 Physical Accessibility

SBP 3308 Model

SBP 3310 Architectural Design and The City

SBP 4301 Urban Landscape

SBP 4302 Topography

SBP 4303 Pedestrian Space And Pedestrian Ways

SBP 4304 Urban Acsthetics

SBP 4305 Transportation Elements Design

SBP 4306 Urban Design Studio

SBP 4307 Urban Public Space Discussions

SBP 4308 Social and Behavioral Factors of Design

CRP 4309 Theories and Practices in Urban Design

SBP 4310 Urban Design Control, Mechanism And Vehicles

SBP 4311 Sustainable Design In Public Spaces

CRP 4312 Urban Morphology

SBP 4313 Design For All

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