Frequently Asked Questions






  • Can the seminar be taken in conjunction with other courses?

Yes, the seminar is counted in the course time and can be taken in conjunction with other courses.

  • When the seminar is taken after the lectures are over, should the thesis preparation or thesis work be selected together with the seminar?

Thesis preparation should be chosen together with the seminar, since the seminar is counted as the course time.

  • When exempted from Scientific Research Methods and Ethics, is the credit of the exempted course added to the total credits?

Scientific Research Methods and Ethics is a compulsory course that must be taken during graduate education. Those who take the course during the Master's Degree can be exempted from this course during the PhD if they apply with their petition and transcript.

Being exempt from Scientific Research Methods and Ethics course means that the obligation to take that course is eliminated. It has no effect on the total credit required. When exempted from Scientific Research Methods and Ethics, the missing credits must be completed with other courses.

  • When should the thesis study course be chosen?

Thesis study course; In master's education, it should be selected after the seminar and the course period are successful. In doctoral education; Together with the semester, they should be selected after the seminar and proficiency exam are found successful.

  • Can the Thesis Proposal and Thesis Monitoring Committee be held in the same semester after successfully completing the qualification exam in doctoral education?

No, the thesis proposal must be submitted to the Thesis Proposal Committee within 6 months after passing the proficiency exam. Afterwards, the thesis monitoring committee (TİK) should be convened at 6-month intervals.

  • Who should attend the Scientific Preparation program?

Our graduate programs are also open to students who have completed their undergraduate education in many different fields other than City and Regional Planning. These students are required to complete the Scientific Preparation program in order to be able to master the subjects studied in the field of city and regional planning during their graduate education. Scientific Preparation program must be completed in 2 terms.

  • When and how is a consultant determined?

Our graduate students are required to choose their thesis advisor until the end of the first semester, and determine their thesis topic until the end of the second semester. It is our preference for our students to identify their thesis advisors by contacting our faculty members who are specialized in their field of interest. Our faculty members' web pages can be accessed from In addition, our faculty members can study thesis and research topics they want to work with their students at declares.

  • How many times have you been allowed to fail the seminar course?

Twice. If the seminar course is taken twice and is not successful, the student is dismissed.

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