Mission - Vision

City and Regional Planning Department's purpose, "Regional Planning", "Urban Planning", "Urban Design", "Urban Conservation and Renewal" in the fields of scientific study and to do research, scientific contributions can be found in applications in the field of successful efforts to carry out is to educate students.

The goal is to give direction to the creation of livable environments, pinpointing policies, their implementation and supervision will lead a systematic conscious thinking is to provide education that educates individuals. City and Regional Planning Department graduates; public institutions and organizations, municipalities, Public Works and Housing Ministry, Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration, State Planning Organization, Turkey Statistical Institute, Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Culture and Tourism Ministry, private sector organizations in planning, architecture, contracting offices, private initiatives, such as real estate appraisal firm, real estate investment and advisory firm dealing with initiatives can work.

Urbanism Laboratories

FIELD RESEARCH City and Regional Planning Department's laboratories the different scale and nature cities, urban and rural areas and settlements; theoretical knowledge applied in the field in which students rich multi-dimensional experience, saving this profession is necessary for the study areas. Therefore, our department lab did the city or the region itself is. Department of City and Regional Planning of the main courses, lab work, ten hours a week of theoretical and practical workshops are provided with the project. Therefore, a total of 140 credit studio courses consist of 64 credit hours. Urban Development Project in the workshops, the purpose of the workshop, the scale and nature of the area is varied. Different contents depending on the purpose of the analysis at least once during the year, including the responsibility of the Chairman and members Warehouse, require on-site inspection by students and urban projects, these studies are the basis of the workshop. Urban Development Project in first-class workshops are trying to comprehend the basic principles of the design process. As the venue for the world to analyze the objective, systematic approach towards detection and interpretation are emphasized. On selected samples in parts of the city are carried out on-site application for this purpose. Urban Development Project as second-class workshops cities forming elements conceptually explains, urban and physical / spatial dimension is defined in the environment, and relations are investigated and sample selected parts of the city on a livable urban spaces for the establishment of urban design work is done.

For this purpose, the selected samples by going to the city, as required by this settlement determined scale planning workshop  (analysis) is done on site. For this study, is generally selected town scale coastal settlements. Urban Development Project in the third -class workshops in place in a medium-sized city being analyzed, will assume the role of the city prepared for the future scenario macroform movement decisions are made on an urban scale. In the process, the students of the city and surroundings of the natural character, socio-economic and demographic structure, historical and urban values and the administrative structure required over the central institutions, both onsite from research to collect information, the collected information analysis and synthesis as a result of urban macroform options are produced. In the next step, the resulting urban development scheme on the priority areas identified in the urban design work is done. Details of these studies will be conducted in the use of land in the project area prior studies provide a basis for projects.

Urbanism projects fourth grade in workshops as a workspace multiple municipalities, counties and provinces, covering an area (watershed, etc.). Discussed and areas falling within the scope of the settlements, physical, social and economic analyzes in detail the scheduled first field  is a global, national and regional relationships are revealed, settling at a later stage of the study area, forming interpersonal relationships are examined. In the first stage of the institutions in Ankara information is collected and compiled.  In Ankara and local institutions can not be found by determining the set of data to be collected for one week in order to be able to study and research in the region are going. Settlement in the region during a week are accommodated in a centrally located, dolaşılarak all settlements of missing data are obtained from relevant institutions, such as land use know the area physically qualified for analysis is carried out for the whole region. Usually containing from second grade field research workshop lasts one week. In the study area during this time all kinds of physical, economic, social research has been done, the information is collected and discussed with local, officials, detailed investigations are carried out. This review is the product of these planning efforts and for a period, to the extent that the material used is exhibited throughout facilities.